“Windows Hosting Vs Linux Hosting”-What Is The Difference?

“Windows Hosting Vs Linux Hosting”-What Is The Difference?

You might be aware of the fact that most of the web hosting companies makes use of any one of these popular operating systems over their servers: these are Linux and Windows. Most of you might be searching for the major difference between both these platforms and their ultimate effect on web hosting. If you need a direct answer that which one out of Windows and Linux is better than definitely it will be difficult to explain because the answer actually depends upon your requirements from server. Thus experts suggest making a list of all expectations before you make selection of a web hosting package so that capabilities of both platforms can be compared easily with right considerations.

Operating System- How does it matters?

There is no doubt to say that both linux and windows servers work with a big difference in performances in terms of database formats, pricing, security and many other features. But before we reach up to a controversial talk let us discuss about few common aspects on both platforms.

Windows and Linux, both make use of similar kind of data management approach where one of the most useful tools on both systems is FTP server. It makes system processing fast and easy whereas both operating systems appear highly friendly for popular file types like JavaScript and HTML etc.

Linux is considered to be best operating system for all web hosting needs as it is fairly easy to install with inexpensive services. Windows is another choice due to its high class support but most of the window hosting platforms becomes common targets of spywares just because of their week security systems.

Here is one common prediction that if someone is using Windows on their system then they need to use windows hosting only but actually there is no such case as type of web hosting is not dependent on your system operating system.

A list of differences between Linux and Windows Hosting:

  1. The very first thing that users may notice while using any of the web hosting platform is the facilities available at their backend of websites. Most of you might be familiar with the cPanel that works perfectly on all Linux OS Hosting. Web Host Manager can also run on Linux servers but it cannot perform its operations on Shared Linux servers. On the other hand, Window servers run Plesk.
  2. Now the next big thing to know about your hosting plan is its ability to access as well as transfer files to server. Although both these operating systems work with FTP access but only Linux offers ssh or telnet access whereas Window hosting cannot work for these. It is not like windows do not have abilities to perform these operations but it is rarely offered by admin.
  3. Windows as well as Linux both servers are able to provide services like CGI, PHP, Perl and ASP; although Linux is commonly used for all such needs but they both have abilities to perform well in this context. You will be glad to know that both operating systems can provide ColdFusion too.
  4. Case sensitivity is again a big factor in both platforms as in Linux all the directory as well as files names are case sensitive whereas in case of windows you need not to care about case of letters. For example the File.html and file.html are two different files in case of Linux but it is same for windows platform.
  5. Some of you might have heard that windows have so many security holes but this is not the case in real terms. The hosting administrators in both cases pay high attention to deal with all kind of security issues so that your data can stay safe all the time.
  6. Many people consider FrontPage extensions a special feature of windows but this service is also available on Linux platform but rarely.

The differences between server type operating systems are somewhat insignificant but their major effect is noticed when you have to manage traffics on your websites. The experience on back end and convenience of managing resources on front end is also noticed and your selection simply depends upon which one out of both these can meet your needs in best possible manner.

Facts about Linux Hosting:

  • Linux is an open source type version of Unix.
  • If you do not need windows specific applications then Linux will work better in terms of cost and reliability.
  • Websites that are designed on Linux server host can be easily transferred to windows servers but reverse is not possible always.
  • You will find rare Linux hosting systems that can extend quality support to .NET and ASP.
  • Linux hosting platform is available for free; you need not to spend your hard earned money for this.

Facts about Windows Hosting:

  • Windows OS is proprietary solution presented by Microsoft and some cost is associated with actual software license.
  • The price tags are not limited to OS rather specific applications designed for this platform are also chargeable.
  • Windows is designed to fulfil commercial needs of users and that is why one cannot move websites designed on windows hosting to linux hosting platform as compatibility issues may occur.

Who is the winner- Linux or Windows?

Actually there is no clear winner out of Linux and Windows hosting platforms because everything depends upon need and preferences of users. In case if you are more in need of .NET, SQL and ASP then definitely you must switch to Windows based web hosting otherwise Linux will be much cheaper and popular source for you. The proficiency level of both hosting environments is rated to be same but actual performance depends upon your technology selection. For example, in case if you wish to work with WordPress or want to set up any phpBB based online forum then Linux would be a great choice but those who need to proceed ahead with Microsoft specific technologies like MSSQL they are advised to work on Windows Hosting.