Whats New in .NET Core 3.0

Talking about technology, there will always be improvement and updates. Scientists and experts keep working to make innovations, so technologies can be more useful. The case also happens in software and applications. There are many kinds of apps, and each of them usually gets updates periodically to keep up with the progress and expectation of users. These are also done to give solution for bugs and other problems. Talking about updates, there is good news coming from .NET Core 3.0. Its developer has released new interesting features offered in this latest version.

New Features Offered in .NET Core 3.0
It is always interesting to see something new offered in updates of apps or software. The same things also happen when its developer announced updates for .net core 3.0. There are some interesting features to find in the latest version of this application. This app may not be seen a major app in PCs, but in fact there is people using this and waiting for improvements offered in the latest update.

One of new features is special support for WinForm and WPF. In the latest update, this app provides side-by-side version of .NET Framework. During the previous version, there are some bugs and errors found in this app since there is no suitable support for those two apps. However, in this new version, there is updated security fix, API and even solution of bugs, so the version of .NET Framework can work well.

Then, it also allows easier access for installation. Now, users do not need to wait installation process of Framework anymore. Usually, Framework must be installed first in order to get the whole features of .NET app. In this update, .NET Core will help, so it is faster and easier to find the new things offered by the latest app.
There is better access for compatibility. Latest .NET Core has introduced new feature, so users can easily access the Base Class Library and other new features without worrying about the issues of compatibility. It will be much easier to find features of NET Framework.

To sum up those points, at least it can be said that the latest .NET Core 3.0 provides easier access for features. Even, it is made so users do not need to spend time for its installation process of Framework in order to get what this app offers. Issues of supports and compatibilities are also solved. These make the Framework have better accessibility. Moreover, there is less risk of crashes because of its side-by-side support. Of course, the new update also brings some fixtures and solutions for security issues and bugs. New APIs are offered for users as well.

Although this application is more about things that work in the backgrounds, all updates will be so necessary to make computer work efficiently. By having lower possibilities of crashes and bug solutions, compatibility issues will not be big problems anymore. Actually, together with latest .net core, there is also .NET Framework 4.8 released and these can be good combinations to be installed in PCs

Improve Customer Loyalty in Web Hosting

Billions of webpage and tons of website are available in internet. They use hosting, server, and support from various hosting providers. This business focuses on serving clients at the best option. Personal website only needs small scale hosting. Big company and multimedia provider requires vast server with huge bandwidth. Well, customer’s loyalty is the key to survive in this sector.

Tips to Improve Customer Loyalty in Web Hosting Business

Before improving, you need to get their loyalty. Web hosting offers the same service with small difference. You will see one provider offers specs for VPS that’s similar to other. When satisfied, customers will come again and again. One product can get huge attraction to let more people buy it. Unfortunately, the product and service is not as good as marketing said. In this case, customers understand service is far important in web hosting.

1. Responsive and fast customer service
If you want to keep and improve customer loyalty, the simplest and easiest way is through customer service. Customers in this business come from various backgrounds from beginners to expert and professional. Each has different issue when using web hosting. As provider, you need to know what they want and need then address their issue immediately.

Make sure the phone and email is always available. In this case, customer service has to be standby 24 hours alongside expert and technical support. You have customers not only in your own country, but also from different continents. Their time is different which any complain and call might be in odd time based on your location. The most important thing is always answer that call and response to email immediately. If you need technical support, ease customer feeling and give simple understanding.

2. Reward, discount, and incentive
When discussing about customer’s loyalty, there is no doubt about reward. Giving reward and discount is the old method, but it’s still reliable. You can provide discount based on loyalty level. It is good to attract first timer, and useful to keep old user.

Incentive and reward should look profitable in customer eyes. For example, web-hosting business tends to do upgrade and install new tech. To accommodate this change, provider gives incentive to users who want to move into new system. Incentive is promising offer alongside the discount to prolong their service.

3. Feedback
Always listen to what they say. That’s what commonly called as feedback. Web hosting may get good or bad feedback. Do not oppose and answer bad feedback with negative comment. One small ripple might disrupt the entire business. You need to accept what they say and make improvement.

4. High quality product
Good product attracts people to purchase and high quality service makes sure they come again the next time. While improving customer service and giving reward, you cannot forget to advance the products. In business with fierce competition, small gap in quality brings huge difference. That’s why web hosting providers have to improve their product continuously. Therefore, it leads to one goal: improving customer loyalty.

What is VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server?

In fact, server consists of several types, such as VPS, cloud computing, dedicated server, and shared hosting. This time, let’s talk about Virtual Dedicated Server. You may know about VOS and dedicated server, but VDS consists of words from both. The next section will give a brief definition and benefits of VDS.

More about Virtual Dedicated Server

VDS uses virtualization technology to make closed environment. When putting website on internet, you need hosting that’s available in shared server. You may do not have your own computer as server but rent server to handle hosting. VPS or virtual private server does the same thing as shared server, but the environment is closed and limited. A single hardware consists of several VPS as separated computer, but it cannot interfere each other. When one VPS is down, the others are still working because they have different specs and system.

What is dedicated server? It is different from VPS as you have computer at home or certain place dedicated for server. Instead of renting virtual server from third party, you can purchase and install server system on computer. The function is similar to virtual server, except you can see the hardware directly on your eyes. Dedicated server is suitable for big company and organization with high security and flexibility.

Now, you move dedicated server at home to put into virtual place. You will get what is called as VDS. Basically, it looks quite similar to VPS since it adopts virtual system to separate hardware and provides specific specs. However, VDS is bigger in capacity and bandwidth. VPS consists of managed and unmanaged where you choose based on your knowledge and skill in this area. On contrary, VDS is unmanaged as clients have sole responsibility to install, manage, and maintenance on their own.

In simple term, VDS is dedicated server that available in virtual hardware with private access. Well, what you do is renting virtual server. It has big memory and capacity with new processor. VDS is faster with better hardware to handle huge traffic.

Due to virtual technology, it is safer and more secure than the dedicated one. One benefit when having dedicated server is you know its location and how to protect. However, there is still possibility for abruption traffic that only expert or professional can do. Unless your company does not have specialist, dedicated server is out of option. To overcome this situation, VDS does not need specialist since provider will act super-user that manages all hardware. You only focus on the core business to optimize VDS.

One issue is hardware upgrade that takes cost and time to proceed. When you have computer, buying new one is good way to get better hardware. However, the data and files are needed to put into new location. Furthermore, VDS only has specific specs from beginning. It is still flexible in term of bandwidth, software, application, and user control. It might not be as flexible as cloud computing, but still reliable when your need vast data processing and huge bandwidth.