The Latest of WordPress Version

Everyone knows about WordPress because it’s the most popular CMS. In early development, it was blogging platform where internet users could have their website without worrying about hosting. Blogging was the most revolutionary technology because people did not need to know the complex programming, such as HTML and PHP. That’s the initial purpose of WordPress. You just register and start the website, commonly referred as blog with unique domain. This kind of service is free.

The Latest WordPress Feature and Technology

Blog and website is still the core product of WordPress. Furthermore, developer expands to next level, such as web hosting, domain, and CMD. Using WordPress, you can have your own domain, but you need to purchase it. This service also goes side by side with web hosting. In this case, you create website using WordPress platform. That’s why WordPress is called CMS or content management system.

1. Content management system
CMS simplifies the complex procedure for web designer and developer. Instead of using software, you just access WordPress and create an account. After that, post content, such as article, photos, and anything. By default, those contents will look like file in computer. CMS lets users to focus on content, like editing, revision, deleting, etc. In the last step, the website is ready with your own content on it.

2. Theme and plugin
Wordpress has default theme, but tons of themes are available. Default theme provides necessary layouts, such as content area, menu, hyperlink, etc. Everything you need to create simple website is already in default theme. To extend layout and appearance, you may change the theme. Changing theme requires a little bit knowledge, but not complex.

What is plugin in WordPress? Nowadays, website is not just static page with article. You can see website as forum, online shop, news center, streaming provider, and social media. Do they use WordPress as platform? The answer is yes because the latest version of WordPress has capability to expand into various types of website. Plugin is like additional tool to place on website. For example, social media needs chatting widget and you may look for chatting plugin then install it at WordPress. They are tons of plugins from official and third party developers.

3. Standalone installation
You need internet to access WordPress and prepare all contents. As you know, contents are uploaded to WordPress server. This is an issue if the content size is very big. To accommodate this situation, developer offers standalone or offline installation. You can have WordPress platform on your own computer. This installation requires application to turn your computer into local host and server. After you are done, upload all contents in single process to the online server.

4. Mobile version
Smartphone becomes the top device to use nowadays. New version of WordPress is capable to be accessed via smartphone with varied operating system. You do not need laptop or PC anymore. If you still use the old version, developer provides updates and plugin to turn the website into mobile version. There is little significant difference between standard and mobile version. However, you do not have to worry because the basic feature is still similar.

Protect Your Email from SPAM

Email becomes necessary thing to have in digital era. You use it for basic communication, such as sending message, receiving data, and share information. Nowadays, email technology is integrated to smartphone where you only need one address to access everything. When you open your email, there is folder called spam. It contents the unknown, harm, unwanted, and unidentified email that’s sent to you. The email that contains dangerous link or program will be identified immediately then send to spam. Well, in order to protect email from spam, you can try several methods listed at below section.

The Methods to Protect Email

Before going further, you need to know why those emails are sent to you. You might wonder how senders know your email. People use many ways to collect email address. They use website with subscription service that lets visitors submit their email. This is the legal process, but visitors become the subscribers who receive email from those websites.

Another method is email grabber using software. You can install crawler application to gather valid email from specific users. In this case, you receive message from unknown sender that gets your address from software. Email system will detect it as spam. Sending advertisement and promotion is not a harm way. Unfortunately, hacker and cracker use those email to scam and hack. That’s why you need protection from spam.

1. Disguise email address
The first method is to disguise email address. When sharing and typing email in disguise spelling, you can add separator in each character. The email crawler and grabber use algorithm to identify the valid email spelling. You just do simple disguise to prevent that software in recognizing your email. Besides, try to use link protection or picture.

2. Unsubscribe unnecessary website
As it mentioned above, you can get email from subscription. The only way to remove spam is to do unsubscribe directly from source. In past time, this was difficult process because the websites did not want to lose their subscribers. Nowadays, unsubscribe is a part of term of agreement.

3. Update browser and application
Email providers try hard to control spam with new updates and technology. You can see different email platform and interface between today and five years ago. It is result in technology and system aspect. Of course, spam will be handled automatically. With new browser and application, you will see that there is no spam anymore from unknown sender. On the other side, spam from subscription is available, unless you do the previous method.

4. Don’t share email address
Sharing email is the reason why you get spam. The simplest and straightforward protection is not to share. Do not post email address on forum, website, and social media. Unknown sender might still pass the spam filter because the email comes from legitimate source. You still get more spams contain unintended and unwanted information. In this case, do not share anything unless in emergency. This method becomes the first and last resort to urge you carefully before sharing personal information.

Move from Shared Hosting to Cloud

When it comes to hosting a website, shared hosting is considered to be the most convenient way. However, with the advanced technology that keeps improving from time to time, a new invention called cloud hosting is slowly replacing shared hosting. Why moving from shared hosting to cloud is now very popular? You will find the answer down below.

The Benefits of Moving from Shared Hosting to Cloud Hosting

For your information, there are quite a lot of benefits that you can get from using cloud hosting. Your website’s overall performance is going to be enhanced by using this hosting. Here are some benefits from using cloud instead of shared hosting.

1. It is More Secured
Shared hosting, as the name suggested, use one single hosting server to be shared to several websites. It is easier for hackers and viruses to interfere with the service. If one website is down, the others are more likely to get intruded as well. Meanwhile, cloud hosting comes with better security system. The service provides the users with total control over security because it uses a dedicated server. Besides, cloud hosting is also way safer compared to shared hosting as more advanced encrypted algorithm is used by the server. It gives maximum protection to the data and privacy kept in the server. That’s why cloud hosting is less vulnerable to hackers.

2. The Performance is Excellent
The biggest issue with shared hosting when it comes to performance is its issue with frequent outages and downtimes, usually caused by the limited resources from server. You do not have to experience this problem when using cloud hosting. Cloud promises faster platform for your website. By using this web hosting, you will surely get more reliable performance of the website you run. Cloud hosting deals with high traffic well. The website will not slow down, get lagged, or bulge when receiving massive amount of traffic. With a performance this excellent, cloud hosting is definitely recommended for websites that experience high traffic every day.

3. It Keeps Your Website Running at Incredible Speeds
In fact, when you use shared hosting, the resources in service have to be distributed among several websites. It prevents your website to run a maximum speeds. On contrary, the resources of cloud hosting do not have to be shared. The resources all belong to your website. This is the reason why your website can run at maximum speed every time. When the speed of website is constantly fast, it becomes more reliable to use.

Well, compared to the shared hosting, cloud is indeed offering more reliable services for your website. If you run medium-sized to large-sized business and your website receives massive traffic every single day, cloud hosting suits your need better. It has better security, performance, and speed to make sure your website never lets you down. In addition, with the advantages that cloud hosting has, there is no wonder that web hosting is going to be even more popular in the near future.

Improve Customer Loyalty in Web Hosting

Billions of webpage and tons of website are available in internet. They use hosting, server, and support from various hosting providers. This business focuses on serving clients at the best option. Personal website only needs small scale hosting. Big company and multimedia provider requires vast server with huge bandwidth. Well, customer’s loyalty is the key to survive in this sector.

Tips to Improve Customer Loyalty in Web Hosting Business

Before improving, you need to get their loyalty. Web hosting offers the same service with small difference. You will see one provider offers specs for VPS that’s similar to other. When satisfied, customers will come again and again. One product can get huge attraction to let more people buy it. Unfortunately, the product and service is not as good as marketing said. In this case, customers understand service is far important in web hosting.

1. Responsive and fast customer service
If you want to keep and improve customer loyalty, the simplest and easiest way is through customer service. Customers in this business come from various backgrounds from beginners to expert and professional. Each has different issue when using web hosting. As provider, you need to know what they want and need then address their issue immediately.

Make sure the phone and email is always available. In this case, customer service has to be standby 24 hours alongside expert and technical support. You have customers not only in your own country, but also from different continents. Their time is different which any complain and call might be in odd time based on your location. The most important thing is always answer that call and response to email immediately. If you need technical support, ease customer feeling and give simple understanding.

2. Reward, discount, and incentive
When discussing about customer’s loyalty, there is no doubt about reward. Giving reward and discount is the old method, but it’s still reliable. You can provide discount based on loyalty level. It is good to attract first timer, and useful to keep old user.

Incentive and reward should look profitable in customer eyes. For example, web-hosting business tends to do upgrade and install new tech. To accommodate this change, provider gives incentive to users who want to move into new system. Incentive is promising offer alongside the discount to prolong their service.

3. Feedback
Always listen to what they say. That’s what commonly called as feedback. Web hosting may get good or bad feedback. Do not oppose and answer bad feedback with negative comment. One small ripple might disrupt the entire business. You need to accept what they say and make improvement.

4. High quality product
Good product attracts people to purchase and high quality service makes sure they come again the next time. While improving customer service and giving reward, you cannot forget to advance the products. In business with fierce competition, small gap in quality brings huge difference. That’s why web hosting providers have to improve their product continuously. Therefore, it leads to one goal: improving customer loyalty.

What is VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server?

In fact, server consists of several types, such as VPS, cloud computing, dedicated server, and shared hosting. This time, let’s talk about Virtual Dedicated Server. You may know about VOS and dedicated server, but VDS consists of words from both. The next section will give a brief definition and benefits of VDS.

More about Virtual Dedicated Server

VDS uses virtualization technology to make closed environment. When putting website on internet, you need hosting that’s available in shared server. You may do not have your own computer as server but rent server to handle hosting. VPS or virtual private server does the same thing as shared server, but the environment is closed and limited. A single hardware consists of several VPS as separated computer, but it cannot interfere each other. When one VPS is down, the others are still working because they have different specs and system.

What is dedicated server? It is different from VPS as you have computer at home or certain place dedicated for server. Instead of renting virtual server from third party, you can purchase and install server system on computer. The function is similar to virtual server, except you can see the hardware directly on your eyes. Dedicated server is suitable for big company and organization with high security and flexibility.

Now, you move dedicated server at home to put into virtual place. You will get what is called as VDS. Basically, it looks quite similar to VPS since it adopts virtual system to separate hardware and provides specific specs. However, VDS is bigger in capacity and bandwidth. VPS consists of managed and unmanaged where you choose based on your knowledge and skill in this area. On contrary, VDS is unmanaged as clients have sole responsibility to install, manage, and maintenance on their own.

In simple term, VDS is dedicated server that available in virtual hardware with private access. Well, what you do is renting virtual server. It has big memory and capacity with new processor. VDS is faster with better hardware to handle huge traffic.

Due to virtual technology, it is safer and more secure than the dedicated one. One benefit when having dedicated server is you know its location and how to protect. However, there is still possibility for abruption traffic that only expert or professional can do. Unless your company does not have specialist, dedicated server is out of option. To overcome this situation, VDS does not need specialist since provider will act super-user that manages all hardware. You only focus on the core business to optimize VDS.

One issue is hardware upgrade that takes cost and time to proceed. When you have computer, buying new one is good way to get better hardware. However, the data and files are needed to put into new location. Furthermore, VDS only has specific specs from beginning. It is still flexible in term of bandwidth, software, application, and user control. It might not be as flexible as cloud computing, but still reliable when your need vast data processing and huge bandwidth.