The Latest of WordPress Version

Everyone knows about WordPress because it’s the most popular CMS. In early development, it was blogging platform where internet users could have their website without worrying about hosting. Blogging was the most revolutionary technology because people did not need to know the complex programming, such as HTML and PHP. That’s the initial purpose of WordPress. You just register and start the website, commonly referred as blog with unique domain. This kind of service is free.

The Latest WordPress Feature and Technology

Blog and website is still the core product of WordPress. Furthermore, developer expands to next level, such as web hosting, domain, and CMD. Using WordPress, you can have your own domain, but you need to purchase it. This service also goes side by side with web hosting. In this case, you create website using WordPress platform. That’s why WordPress is called CMS or content management system.

1. Content management system
CMS simplifies the complex procedure for web designer and developer. Instead of using software, you just access WordPress and create an account. After that, post content, such as article, photos, and anything. By default, those contents will look like file in computer. CMS lets users to focus on content, like editing, revision, deleting, etc. In the last step, the website is ready with your own content on it.

2. Theme and plugin
Wordpress has default theme, but tons of themes are available. Default theme provides necessary layouts, such as content area, menu, hyperlink, etc. Everything you need to create simple website is already in default theme. To extend layout and appearance, you may change the theme. Changing theme requires a little bit knowledge, but not complex.

What is plugin in WordPress? Nowadays, website is not just static page with article. You can see website as forum, online shop, news center, streaming provider, and social media. Do they use WordPress as platform? The answer is yes because the latest version of WordPress has capability to expand into various types of website. Plugin is like additional tool to place on website. For example, social media needs chatting widget and you may look for chatting plugin then install it at WordPress. They are tons of plugins from official and third party developers.

3. Standalone installation
You need internet to access WordPress and prepare all contents. As you know, contents are uploaded to WordPress server. This is an issue if the content size is very big. To accommodate this situation, developer offers standalone or offline installation. You can have WordPress platform on your own computer. This installation requires application to turn your computer into local host and server. After you are done, upload all contents in single process to the online server.

4. Mobile version
Smartphone becomes the top device to use nowadays. New version of WordPress is capable to be accessed via smartphone with varied operating system. You do not need laptop or PC anymore. If you still use the old version, developer provides updates and plugin to turn the website into mobile version. There is little significant difference between standard and mobile version. However, you do not have to worry because the basic feature is still similar.