Move from Shared Hosting to Cloud

When it comes to hosting a website, shared hosting is considered to be the most convenient way. However, with the advanced technology that keeps improving from time to time, a new invention called cloud hosting is slowly replacing shared hosting. Why moving from shared hosting to cloud is now very popular? You will find the answer down below.

The Benefits of Moving from Shared Hosting to Cloud Hosting

For your information, there are quite a lot of benefits that you can get from using cloud hosting. Your website’s overall performance is going to be enhanced by using this hosting. Here are some benefits from using cloud instead of shared hosting.

1. It is More Secured
Shared hosting, as the name suggested, use one single hosting server to be shared to several websites. It is easier for hackers and viruses to interfere with the service. If one website is down, the others are more likely to get intruded as well. Meanwhile, cloud hosting comes with better security system. The service provides the users with total control over security because it uses a dedicated server. Besides, cloud hosting is also way safer compared to shared hosting as more advanced encrypted algorithm is used by the server. It gives maximum protection to the data and privacy kept in the server. That’s why cloud hosting is less vulnerable to hackers.

2. The Performance is Excellent
The biggest issue with shared hosting when it comes to performance is its issue with frequent outages and downtimes, usually caused by the limited resources from server. You do not have to experience this problem when using cloud hosting. Cloud promises faster platform for your website. By using this web hosting, you will surely get more reliable performance of the website you run. Cloud hosting deals with high traffic well. The website will not slow down, get lagged, or bulge when receiving massive amount of traffic. With a performance this excellent, cloud hosting is definitely recommended for websites that experience high traffic every day.

3. It Keeps Your Website Running at Incredible Speeds
In fact, when you use shared hosting, the resources in service have to be distributed among several websites. It prevents your website to run a maximum speeds. On contrary, the resources of cloud hosting do not have to be shared. The resources all belong to your website. This is the reason why your website can run at maximum speed every time. When the speed of website is constantly fast, it becomes more reliable to use.

Well, compared to the shared hosting, cloud is indeed offering more reliable services for your website. If you run medium-sized to large-sized business and your website receives massive traffic every single day, cloud hosting suits your need better. It has better security, performance, and speed to make sure your website never lets you down. In addition, with the advantages that cloud hosting has, there is no wonder that web hosting is going to be even more popular in the near future.