Whats New in .NET Core 3.0

Talking about technology, there will always be improvement and updates. Scientists and experts keep working to make innovations, so technologies can be more useful. The case also happens in software and applications. There are many kinds of apps, and each of them usually gets updates periodically to keep up with the progress and expectation of users. These are also done to give solution for bugs and other problems. Talking about updates, there is good news coming from .NET Core 3.0. Its developer has released new interesting features offered in this latest version.

New Features Offered in .NET Core 3.0
It is always interesting to see something new offered in updates of apps or software. The same things also happen when its developer announced updates for .net core 3.0. There are some interesting features to find in the latest version of this application. This app may not be seen a major app in PCs, but in fact there is people using this and waiting for improvements offered in the latest update.

One of new features is special support for WinForm and WPF. In the latest update, this app provides side-by-side version of .NET Framework. During the previous version, there are some bugs and errors found in this app since there is no suitable support for those two apps. However, in this new version, there is updated security fix, API and even solution of bugs, so the version of .NET Framework can work well.

Then, it also allows easier access for installation. Now, users do not need to wait installation process of Framework anymore. Usually, Framework must be installed first in order to get the whole features of .NET app. In this update, .NET Core will help, so it is faster and easier to find the new things offered by the latest app.
There is better access for compatibility. Latest .NET Core has introduced new feature, so users can easily access the Base Class Library and other new features without worrying about the issues of compatibility. It will be much easier to find features of NET Framework.

To sum up those points, at least it can be said that the latest .NET Core 3.0 provides easier access for features. Even, it is made so users do not need to spend time for its installation process of Framework in order to get what this app offers. Issues of supports and compatibilities are also solved. These make the Framework have better accessibility. Moreover, there is less risk of crashes because of its side-by-side support. Of course, the new update also brings some fixtures and solutions for security issues and bugs. New APIs are offered for users as well.

Although this application is more about things that work in the backgrounds, all updates will be so necessary to make computer work efficiently. By having lower possibilities of crashes and bug solutions, compatibility issues will not be big problems anymore. Actually, together with latest .net core, there is also .NET Framework 4.8 released and these can be good combinations to be installed in PCs