Finding The Best Windows Hosting For Beginner

Those who are searching for an honest review about SeekDotNet will surely get some good information here on this page. You might have studied or used many hosting platforms till now and will definitely be aware of their unique features; here you will come to know about aspects, features, performance evaluation and technical details of SeekDotNet that makes it one of the best windows hosting service provider for beginners.

About SeekDotNet:

It is one of the most popular windows web hosting service provider that has its representatives in United States. This tool offers shared web hosting, enterprise grade hosting solutions for windows and dedicated servers. The team of professionals has been worked for many years to create this wonderful product that can survive as a leader in market.

Price and Plans:

In order to meet regular demands of consumers, the company has recently released three different plans for ASP.NET hosting at personal level as well as three unique plans for those who need to use it for business purpose. Here the personal plans for best windows hosting are well known as: Personal Ultimate, Personal Professional and Personal Basic whereas the business plans are named as Business Ultimate, Business Professional and Business Basic. The best thing to know about these plans is that you will get one month money back guarantee with all kind of selection. So it is just like keeping your money in safe; once you start getting profits in your business soon you will realise the effectiveness of the window hosting technology. Once you feel satisfied then professionals from company can help you to transfer your domain names without any additional payment.


The SeekDotNet helps clients to get 99.9% uptime as well as fastest web hosting speed so that sites can be made to run rapidly and stably. The cutting edge technologies incorporated in web hosting plans helps to serve users will all time best quality services. Some basic details about famous technologies used by SeekDotNet are:

  • NET Hosting:

The ASP.NET Technology involved in this system assures visual studio, WCF Services, updated Crystal Report, URL Rewrite and full trust along with many other services.

  • PHP Hosting:

This latest technology serves users with latest version of PHP that is V5.6 and along with this other features available to users are: video-audio streaming, Cron Job, Zend Optimize and many more support features for your live website.

  • Database Technology:

The SeekDotNet works with the latest version of MySQL so that clients from all different corners if world can have high-tech support on their account and an extended support from latest technology can be incorporated as per their need.

  • Control Panel:

The control panel of SeekDotNet works with Plesk 12 Dan Websitepanel type windows control panel that offers customizable layout, sharepoint support, unlimited accounts for resellers, labelled control panel and API support for web services.

Special Features:

In order to provide most reliable and smooth services to all clients, SeekDotNet works with outstanding IIS web server features. Some of the major benefits include medium trusted and full trust support, fast switching between classic and integrated mode, 24/7 FTP access, Silverlight 4, Perl, PHP Zend and PHP 5.2 along with many other incredible features.

As security of website database is biggest issue in case of web hosting services so SeekDotNet support team ensures high end security to all customers. You will be able to get password protected directories with user friendly control panel and the selection of plans also depends upon users.

What you will get with this amazing windows hosting technologies?

  1. 24 hours live customer support:

Once you start working with SeekDotNet web hosting technology, soon you will start getting 24/7 expert technical support from service team in form of live chat.

  1. Connectivity to well structured data centre:

All the servers of this company are located in some of the reputed data centre locations like Singapore, Australia, Europe, United Kingdom and United States etc.

  1. Money Back Guarantee:

The best thing to know about these plans is that SeekDotNet assures one month value back services so that if you feel unsatisfied with their best window hosting platform then you will be able to get all your money back. It helps beginners to start with more confidence and the results are always satisfactory.

  1. Free transfer of domain:

Definitely you will get services from professionals for free domain transfer here and it will be done with expert management tools.

  1. Flexible and Smart:

No doubt to say that this platform is much easier to manage, downgrade as well as upgrade hosting plans as per need.

  1. Highly Secure Website:

You will be glad to know that SeekDotNet offers some of the best Firewall and Anti-virus services for all servers so that clients need not to worry about security of their websites.

  1. Regular Backup:

It is possible to create regular backup of all databases as well as files when you are working on SeekDotNet windows hosting platform; it assures maximum protection of your personal data.

  1. Attractive price ranges:

No other service provider can offer you best quality services in such a cheap rate along with most reliable work platform.

  1. Fast Response:

The technical support from company end is really appreciable with fast response and on time solutions to all issues. Once your plan gets activated right after your payment and verification, soon your live support team gets connected to you so that you can manage everything without any hassle.

  1. No overloading:

There is no issue of server overloading as all these platforms are managed by expert team with well planned executions.

With all such incredible features one can say that none other than SeekDotNet can work like the best companion for beginners. This platform offers complete package of services in a reasonable price range with added facilities and 24 hours customer support that can help beginners to build a healthy business terminal without any trouble. Those who are in need of effective, efficient and fast solution for their web hosting needs are advised to go ahead with SeekDotNet.