3 Cloud Server Platform are best for You

Choosing the best cloud server is necessary. When you are in a condition to develop your website, you will need the best platform of server. You cannot just look for the affordable servers since it may not be able to keep up with your expectation. When you are going to make the web bigger, you need to enter new stage and this requires higher specification. The RAM and memory of storage, CPU and its cores, bandwidth and other aspects of the servers must be upgraded.


The Best Options of Cloud Server Platforms


You will need best cloud server platforms and there are some options to choose. The platforms are great to provide high performance and fast processing, so even if your web is in high traffic, you will not need to worry about downtime or errors anymore. Here are the options.


  1. HostGator

This is best for scalable hosting. Scalability refers to the condition of web when it is in high traffic. For this case, a hosting can be called as scalable when it still can manage the web well without any errors even if it runs in high traffic.


Then, HostGator provides some options of Cloud plan. For the lowest plan, you have 2-cores CPU and 2 GB of RAM. Then, its high performance is found in the Business Cloud Plan. In this part, you can get CPU with 6 cores and 6 GB of RAM to help the processing. If they are still not enough, you can easily upgrade the RAM into 8 GB and it can be done easily without downtime.


  1. Cloudways

By using this platform, you can have choices of providers. In other word, choose provider by yourself and Cloudways provides the access for this. Then, this platform is supported by around 60 data centers that are placed in various spots in the world in order to provide broader scales of servers.


For beginner plan, you have 1 GB of RAM and 25 GB of storage. For CPU, you will get one-core CPU and 1 TB of bandwidth. This is not the only server plan since you still have other options. If you want to check first, try its free trial to strengthen your decision.


  1. Bytemark Cloud

This platform provides flexibility for users and customers. The starter plan can provide one-core CPU with 25 GB of memory and 1 GB RAM. If you want to improve the specifications, just customize it and there is clear pricing for the upgrades. Therefore, you can easily upgrade its RAM, CPU, memory, and even bandwidth. The calculation is easy to make since each of them has its own price. To test the platform, Bytemark Cloud also provides free trial that lasts for 7 days.


Those platforms are considered as the best in providing cloud server. You can find specific server plan in each of those providers. Even, you can upgrade the server and its specification based on what you need. These are great since each of parts will be needed to develop and boost web performance.

Protect Your Email from SPAM

Email becomes necessary thing to have in digital era. You use it for basic communication, such as sending message, receiving data, and share information. Nowadays, email technology is integrated to smartphone where you only need one address to access everything. When you open your email, there is folder called spam. It contents the unknown, harm, unwanted, and unidentified email that’s sent to you. The email that contains dangerous link or program will be identified immediately then send to spam. Well, in order to protect email from spam, you can try several methods listed at below section.

The Methods to Protect Email

Before going further, you need to know why those emails are sent to you. You might wonder how senders know your email. People use many ways to collect email address. They use website with subscription service that lets visitors submit their email. This is the legal process, but visitors become the subscribers who receive email from those websites.

Another method is email grabber using software. You can install crawler application to gather valid email from specific users. In this case, you receive message from unknown sender that gets your address from software. Email system will detect it as spam. Sending advertisement and promotion is not a harm way. Unfortunately, hacker and cracker use those email to scam and hack. That’s why you need protection from spam.

1. Disguise email address
The first method is to disguise email address. When sharing and typing email in disguise spelling, you can add separator in each character. The email crawler and grabber use algorithm to identify the valid email spelling. You just do simple disguise to prevent that software in recognizing your email. Besides, try to use link protection or picture.

2. Unsubscribe unnecessary website
As it mentioned above, you can get email from subscription. The only way to remove spam is to do unsubscribe directly from source. In past time, this was difficult process because the websites did not want to lose their subscribers. Nowadays, unsubscribe is a part of term of agreement.

3. Update browser and application
Email providers try hard to control spam with new updates and technology. You can see different email platform and interface between today and five years ago. It is result in technology and system aspect. Of course, spam will be handled automatically. With new browser and application, you will see that there is no spam anymore from unknown sender. On the other side, spam from subscription is available, unless you do the previous method.

4. Don’t share email address
Sharing email is the reason why you get spam. The simplest and straightforward protection is not to share. Do not post email address on forum, website, and social media. Unknown sender might still pass the spam filter because the email comes from legitimate source. You still get more spams contain unintended and unwanted information. In this case, do not share anything unless in emergency. This method becomes the first and last resort to urge you carefully before sharing personal information.

Move from Shared Hosting to Cloud

When it comes to hosting a website, shared hosting is considered to be the most convenient way. However, with the advanced technology that keeps improving from time to time, a new invention called cloud hosting is slowly replacing shared hosting. Why moving from shared hosting to cloud is now very popular? You will find the answer down below.

The Benefits of Moving from Shared Hosting to Cloud Hosting

For your information, there are quite a lot of benefits that you can get from using cloud hosting. Your website’s overall performance is going to be enhanced by using this hosting. Here are some benefits from using cloud instead of shared hosting.

1. It is More Secured
Shared hosting, as the name suggested, use one single hosting server to be shared to several websites. It is easier for hackers and viruses to interfere with the service. If one website is down, the others are more likely to get intruded as well. Meanwhile, cloud hosting comes with better security system. The service provides the users with total control over security because it uses a dedicated server. Besides, cloud hosting is also way safer compared to shared hosting as more advanced encrypted algorithm is used by the server. It gives maximum protection to the data and privacy kept in the server. That’s why cloud hosting is less vulnerable to hackers.

2. The Performance is Excellent
The biggest issue with shared hosting when it comes to performance is its issue with frequent outages and downtimes, usually caused by the limited resources from server. You do not have to experience this problem when using cloud hosting. Cloud promises faster platform for your website. By using this web hosting, you will surely get more reliable performance of the website you run. Cloud hosting deals with high traffic well. The website will not slow down, get lagged, or bulge when receiving massive amount of traffic. With a performance this excellent, cloud hosting is definitely recommended for websites that experience high traffic every day.

3. It Keeps Your Website Running at Incredible Speeds
In fact, when you use shared hosting, the resources in service have to be distributed among several websites. It prevents your website to run a maximum speeds. On contrary, the resources of cloud hosting do not have to be shared. The resources all belong to your website. This is the reason why your website can run at maximum speed every time. When the speed of website is constantly fast, it becomes more reliable to use.

Well, compared to the shared hosting, cloud is indeed offering more reliable services for your website. If you run medium-sized to large-sized business and your website receives massive traffic every single day, cloud hosting suits your need better. It has better security, performance, and speed to make sure your website never lets you down. In addition, with the advantages that cloud hosting has, there is no wonder that web hosting is going to be even more popular in the near future.

What is CDN (Content Delivery Network)?

You can access website and download file or content. The process may take longer time because you are in different continent with website server. To overcome this situation, the website creates network consists of nodes and servers in different countries. When users want to download file or stream multimedia content, the nearest server will response and send what they want. Distributed network for content delivery becomes more efficient using this technology. That’s what you call as Content Delivery Network.

Exploring more about CDN

CDN is not new technology in internet era. Since its inception, downloading and uploading file becomes usual activity. As users, you send request and command to server to get the content. As response, web hosting gives content such as webpage containing document, files, picture, and photo, even audio. It uses http and ftp server to handle such delivery network. Speed and bandwidth depend on the server capability and ISP. If you have fast internet access, there is no problem for having huge file.

Another method is peer-to-peer. Instead of download from server, you get the file directly from computer that other users have. For example, you want certain document and your friend uses peer-to-peer network to send the file directly to your computer. It is also part of early model for CDN. One issue in this technology is security and capacity. Your computer is at high risk because it exposed directly to internet without firewall. It might be virus, Trojan, spam, or other malicious software that attack your network. Furthermore, peer-to-peer also relies on network bandwidth where the speed is limited.

The internet users grow significantly, and the speed becomes important. You need high quality content and top network to deliver data. Moreover, many entertainment companies move to internet and digital technology to serve their customers. For example, a music company uses digital download to sell albums and single. Besides, music streaming becomes common service for smartphone users. They do not need to download, but can still access the favorite song easily. All of them are benefits of CDN that can send files to stream quickly.

How does CDN work? From brief introduction above, you have the basic idea about CDN. In general, there are three parties that involve in this technology. They are content provider, CDN operator, and users or clients. When accessing internet from the device, you are the user. The content provider is company, person, people, organization, or institution that produces digital content. CDN operator is the key player in this network. They handle all hardware, maintenance and network, but not internet access.

CDN prepares network to distribute contents. Each server has similar contents located in various countries. When particular country has huge internet users, CDN operators put more servers to handle traffic. With this network, users will get the same content quickly because it connects to nearby server.

CDN is useful to control restriction. Each country has varied regulation related to content theme. With CDN, users from non-restriction countries do not have to worry about such thing because the content is not from abroad. One big advantage is capacity as CDN is suitable for delivering vast content from big companies in entertainment industry.

Improve Customer Loyalty in Web Hosting

Billions of webpage and tons of website are available in internet. They use hosting, server, and support from various hosting providers. This business focuses on serving clients at the best option. Personal website only needs small scale hosting. Big company and multimedia provider requires vast server with huge bandwidth. Well, customer’s loyalty is the key to survive in this sector.

Tips to Improve Customer Loyalty in Web Hosting Business

Before improving, you need to get their loyalty. Web hosting offers the same service with small difference. You will see one provider offers specs for VPS that’s similar to other. When satisfied, customers will come again and again. One product can get huge attraction to let more people buy it. Unfortunately, the product and service is not as good as marketing said. In this case, customers understand service is far important in web hosting.

1. Responsive and fast customer service
If you want to keep and improve customer loyalty, the simplest and easiest way is through customer service. Customers in this business come from various backgrounds from beginners to expert and professional. Each has different issue when using web hosting. As provider, you need to know what they want and need then address their issue immediately.

Make sure the phone and email is always available. In this case, customer service has to be standby 24 hours alongside expert and technical support. You have customers not only in your own country, but also from different continents. Their time is different which any complain and call might be in odd time based on your location. The most important thing is always answer that call and response to email immediately. If you need technical support, ease customer feeling and give simple understanding.

2. Reward, discount, and incentive
When discussing about customer’s loyalty, there is no doubt about reward. Giving reward and discount is the old method, but it’s still reliable. You can provide discount based on loyalty level. It is good to attract first timer, and useful to keep old user.

Incentive and reward should look profitable in customer eyes. For example, web-hosting business tends to do upgrade and install new tech. To accommodate this change, provider gives incentive to users who want to move into new system. Incentive is promising offer alongside the discount to prolong their service.

3. Feedback
Always listen to what they say. That’s what commonly called as feedback. Web hosting may get good or bad feedback. Do not oppose and answer bad feedback with negative comment. One small ripple might disrupt the entire business. You need to accept what they say and make improvement.

4. High quality product
Good product attracts people to purchase and high quality service makes sure they come again the next time. While improving customer service and giving reward, you cannot forget to advance the products. In business with fierce competition, small gap in quality brings huge difference. That’s why web hosting providers have to improve their product continuously. Therefore, it leads to one goal: improving customer loyalty.

What is VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server?

In fact, server consists of several types, such as VPS, cloud computing, dedicated server, and shared hosting. This time, let’s talk about Virtual Dedicated Server. You may know about VOS and dedicated server, but VDS consists of words from both. The next section will give a brief definition and benefits of VDS.

More about Virtual Dedicated Server

VDS uses virtualization technology to make closed environment. When putting website on internet, you need hosting that’s available in shared server. You may do not have your own computer as server but rent server to handle hosting. VPS or virtual private server does the same thing as shared server, but the environment is closed and limited. A single hardware consists of several VPS as separated computer, but it cannot interfere each other. When one VPS is down, the others are still working because they have different specs and system.

What is dedicated server? It is different from VPS as you have computer at home or certain place dedicated for server. Instead of renting virtual server from third party, you can purchase and install server system on computer. The function is similar to virtual server, except you can see the hardware directly on your eyes. Dedicated server is suitable for big company and organization with high security and flexibility.

Now, you move dedicated server at home to put into virtual place. You will get what is called as VDS. Basically, it looks quite similar to VPS since it adopts virtual system to separate hardware and provides specific specs. However, VDS is bigger in capacity and bandwidth. VPS consists of managed and unmanaged where you choose based on your knowledge and skill in this area. On contrary, VDS is unmanaged as clients have sole responsibility to install, manage, and maintenance on their own.

In simple term, VDS is dedicated server that available in virtual hardware with private access. Well, what you do is renting virtual server. It has big memory and capacity with new processor. VDS is faster with better hardware to handle huge traffic.

Due to virtual technology, it is safer and more secure than the dedicated one. One benefit when having dedicated server is you know its location and how to protect. However, there is still possibility for abruption traffic that only expert or professional can do. Unless your company does not have specialist, dedicated server is out of option. To overcome this situation, VDS does not need specialist since provider will act super-user that manages all hardware. You only focus on the core business to optimize VDS.

One issue is hardware upgrade that takes cost and time to proceed. When you have computer, buying new one is good way to get better hardware. However, the data and files are needed to put into new location. Furthermore, VDS only has specific specs from beginning. It is still flexible in term of bandwidth, software, application, and user control. It might not be as flexible as cloud computing, but still reliable when your need vast data processing and huge bandwidth.

Bing or Google?

Search engine is an important part in our internet surfing activity. It makes everything so much easier because you only need to type in specific keywords on the search bar to find information that you are looking for. There are various search engines out there. Bing and Google are among the major search engine on internet nowadays. Both search engines have their own features. Each engine might be better from the other in some aspects.
Battle of Two Major Search Engines: Bing or Google?

While there are many search engines operating in World Wide Web, only several of them being utilized massively. Google is one of, if not the biggest, search engine currently operating. However, other search engines have caught up to with new features to compete with it. One of them is Bing. In what ways Bing excels over Google? What does Google do better than Bing?

If you are looking at the layout of these searching tools, you will hardly notice any difference beside their logos. However, if you look beyond the basic browsing result, some differences may arise. The first difference is their auto complete feature. When you are typing keywords on Google’s search bar, you will see four suggestions. Meanwhile, Bing offers eight specific suggestions for your keywords. Extra suggestions can be very useful if you do not exactly know what you are looking for.

The difference is also apparent in related search placement. Bing places related search beside your browsing results. Meanwhile, you can find related search on the bottom of your page in Google. In terms of functionality, different placement does not make much of difference. However, you may prefer Google style or Bing style.
Difference also lays on video search result. One can hardly argue that Bing performs better in this aspect than Google. The results are presented as large thumbnails. When you hover your cursor on top of one of the videos, preview will play automatically. You can even play the whole video on Bing browser instead of being directed to the original page. At Google, video search results are displayed in vertical manner. Each video is represented by small thumbnail.

During image search difference is also present. They presentation of your search results is very different from each other. Users think that the interface Google’s image search is smoother than Bing. You can utilize image search from Google more conveniently. However, Bing offers some specific functions that Google does not provide. There is Layout option where you can choose whether to look for portrait image or the landscape one. You can also remove a certain keyword on the search bar by clicking on that word.
When it comes to product or service research, you can count on Google to be more accurate. Generally, when you are trying to shop for products or services, Google will display more results than Bing. You can easily compare price from one shop to another with Google to get the best deal. You can also learn which vendor selling items that you are looking for. As you see, both search engines offer their own strength and weakness. It is your task to choose between Bing and Google to make your internet browsing more pleasant experience.

Making Money with Domains?

In ancient times, there was a process of seeking profits based on the high interest in object, such as home. Some property agents will definitely be competing to sell houses by highlighting the point of interest, for example what the strategic location is, what kind of environment, etc. The more favorable it is, the selling price will also increase. However, in this digital age, selling objects based on point of interest has changed its shape as well. On this occasion, you will learn about whether a simple domain name can be sold or not.

Determining the Domain of Interest

Domain names take the form of word or phrase, which acts as a double-edged knife. On one side of it, it can be tweaked into something very valuable by many people, but on the other hand, it can only be ordinary phrases that are not interesting. There are various steps that you must prepare before successfully selling domain names successfully.

1. Go get your dictionary
As mentioned earlier that domain takes the form of phrases and words, you have to step up your wording games. The point of interest of a domain is usually about how the domain contains unique words that are easy to remember. For that, you have to start learning various kinds of words that can describe various sectors or targets of your domain consumers.

2. List the words
If you have familiarized yourself with word choices from the dictionary, now just list the words which are unique, interesting, and suitable for various sectors. At this stage, it is recommended that you do not create a domain name that contains more than two words, to keep it simple and easy to remember.
Another way you can use is to indirectly create a domain first, but just make a list of words containing each one word. Then, you can combine or innovate it into a more complex domain.

3. Deal with the domain
If you have already carried out a number of steps above, and have determined which words you think have a high selling value, you will now enter the transaction phase. In the first stage, you have to buy the domain first. Think of this as your initial asset. Some of the domains on your list are also likely to have been purchased by someone else, so choose another domain first.

After you have finished buying the domain, the next step is to advertise it. Fortunately, there are several sites which are able to advertise your domain, or even buy your domain directly at a tempting price. At this stage, your negotiation skills will be needed to fight for your domain.
If you think the price of domain is enough, you can sell it. Moreover, if you want to do a domain selling business again, just use your initial capital to go back to stage one of this tutorial. Like a business, there are ups and downs in it. However, if you handle it well, you will thrive.

Finding The Best Windows Hosting For Beginner

Those who are searching for an honest review about SeekDotNet will surely get some good information here on this page. You might have studied or used many hosting platforms till now and will definitely be aware of their unique features; here you will come to know about aspects, features, performance evaluation and technical details of SeekDotNet that makes it one of the best windows hosting service provider for beginners.

About SeekDotNet:

It is one of the most popular windows web hosting service provider that has its representatives in United States. This tool offers shared web hosting, enterprise grade hosting solutions for windows and dedicated servers. The team of professionals has been worked for many years to create this wonderful product that can survive as a leader in market.

Price and Plans:

In order to meet regular demands of consumers, the company has recently released three different plans for ASP.NET hosting at personal level as well as three unique plans for those who need to use it for business purpose. Here the personal plans for best windows hosting are well known as: Personal Ultimate, Personal Professional and Personal Basic whereas the business plans are named as Business Ultimate, Business Professional and Business Basic. The best thing to know about these plans is that you will get one month money back guarantee with all kind of selection. So it is just like keeping your money in safe; once you start getting profits in your business soon you will realise the effectiveness of the window hosting technology. Once you feel satisfied then professionals from company can help you to transfer your domain names without any additional payment.


The SeekDotNet helps clients to get 99.9% uptime as well as fastest web hosting speed so that sites can be made to run rapidly and stably. The cutting edge technologies incorporated in web hosting plans helps to serve users will all time best quality services. Some basic details about famous technologies used by SeekDotNet are:

  • NET Hosting:

The ASP.NET Technology involved in this system assures visual studio, WCF Services, updated Crystal Report, URL Rewrite and full trust along with many other services.

  • PHP Hosting:

This latest technology serves users with latest version of PHP that is V5.6 and along with this other features available to users are: video-audio streaming, Cron Job, Zend Optimize and many more support features for your live website.

  • Database Technology:

The SeekDotNet works with the latest version of MySQL so that clients from all different corners if world can have high-tech support on their account and an extended support from latest technology can be incorporated as per their need.

  • Control Panel:

The control panel of SeekDotNet works with Plesk 12 Dan Websitepanel type windows control panel that offers customizable layout, sharepoint support, unlimited accounts for resellers, labelled control panel and API support for web services.

Special Features:

In order to provide most reliable and smooth services to all clients, SeekDotNet works with outstanding IIS web server features. Some of the major benefits include medium trusted and full trust support, fast switching between classic and integrated mode, 24/7 FTP access, Silverlight 4, Perl, PHP Zend and PHP 5.2 along with many other incredible features.

As security of website database is biggest issue in case of web hosting services so SeekDotNet support team ensures high end security to all customers. You will be able to get password protected directories with user friendly control panel and the selection of plans also depends upon users.

What you will get with this amazing windows hosting technologies?

  1. 24 hours live customer support:

Once you start working with SeekDotNet web hosting technology, soon you will start getting 24/7 expert technical support from service team in form of live chat.

  1. Connectivity to well structured data centre:

All the servers of this company are located in some of the reputed data centre locations like Singapore, Australia, Europe, United Kingdom and United States etc.

  1. Money Back Guarantee:

The best thing to know about these plans is that SeekDotNet assures one month value back services so that if you feel unsatisfied with their best window hosting platform then you will be able to get all your money back. It helps beginners to start with more confidence and the results are always satisfactory.

  1. Free transfer of domain:

Definitely you will get services from professionals for free domain transfer here and it will be done with expert management tools.

  1. Flexible and Smart:

No doubt to say that this platform is much easier to manage, downgrade as well as upgrade hosting plans as per need.

  1. Highly Secure Website:

You will be glad to know that SeekDotNet offers some of the best Firewall and Anti-virus services for all servers so that clients need not to worry about security of their websites.

  1. Regular Backup:

It is possible to create regular backup of all databases as well as files when you are working on SeekDotNet windows hosting platform; it assures maximum protection of your personal data.

  1. Attractive price ranges:

No other service provider can offer you best quality services in such a cheap rate along with most reliable work platform.

  1. Fast Response:

The technical support from company end is really appreciable with fast response and on time solutions to all issues. Once your plan gets activated right after your payment and verification, soon your live support team gets connected to you so that you can manage everything without any hassle.

  1. No overloading:

There is no issue of server overloading as all these platforms are managed by expert team with well planned executions.

With all such incredible features one can say that none other than SeekDotNet can work like the best companion for beginners. This platform offers complete package of services in a reasonable price range with added facilities and 24 hours customer support that can help beginners to build a healthy business terminal without any trouble. Those who are in need of effective, efficient and fast solution for their web hosting needs are advised to go ahead with SeekDotNet.

“Windows Hosting Vs Linux Hosting”-What Is The Difference?

“Windows Hosting Vs Linux Hosting”-What Is The Difference?

You might be aware of the fact that most of the web hosting companies makes use of any one of these popular operating systems over their servers: these are Linux and Windows. Most of you might be searching for the major difference between both these platforms and their ultimate effect on web hosting. If you need a direct answer that which one out of Windows and Linux is better than definitely it will be difficult to explain because the answer actually depends upon your requirements from server. Thus experts suggest making a list of all expectations before you make selection of a web hosting package so that capabilities of both platforms can be compared easily with right considerations.

Operating System- How does it matters?

There is no doubt to say that both linux and windows servers work with a big difference in performances in terms of database formats, pricing, security and many other features. But before we reach up to a controversial talk let us discuss about few common aspects on both platforms.

Windows and Linux, both make use of similar kind of data management approach where one of the most useful tools on both systems is FTP server. It makes system processing fast and easy whereas both operating systems appear highly friendly for popular file types like JavaScript and HTML etc.

Linux is considered to be best operating system for all web hosting needs as it is fairly easy to install with inexpensive services. Windows is another choice due to its high class support but most of the window hosting platforms becomes common targets of spywares just because of their week security systems.

Here is one common prediction that if someone is using Windows on their system then they need to use windows hosting only but actually there is no such case as type of web hosting is not dependent on your system operating system.

A list of differences between Linux and Windows Hosting:

  1. The very first thing that users may notice while using any of the web hosting platform is the facilities available at their backend of websites. Most of you might be familiar with the cPanel that works perfectly on all Linux OS Hosting. Web Host Manager can also run on Linux servers but it cannot perform its operations on Shared Linux servers. On the other hand, Window servers run Plesk.
  2. Now the next big thing to know about your hosting plan is its ability to access as well as transfer files to server. Although both these operating systems work with FTP access but only Linux offers ssh or telnet access whereas Window hosting cannot work for these. It is not like windows do not have abilities to perform these operations but it is rarely offered by admin.
  3. Windows as well as Linux both servers are able to provide services like CGI, PHP, Perl and ASP; although Linux is commonly used for all such needs but they both have abilities to perform well in this context. You will be glad to know that both operating systems can provide ColdFusion too.
  4. Case sensitivity is again a big factor in both platforms as in Linux all the directory as well as files names are case sensitive whereas in case of windows you need not to care about case of letters. For example the File.html and file.html are two different files in case of Linux but it is same for windows platform.
  5. Some of you might have heard that windows have so many security holes but this is not the case in real terms. The hosting administrators in both cases pay high attention to deal with all kind of security issues so that your data can stay safe all the time.
  6. Many people consider FrontPage extensions a special feature of windows but this service is also available on Linux platform but rarely.

The differences between server type operating systems are somewhat insignificant but their major effect is noticed when you have to manage traffics on your websites. The experience on back end and convenience of managing resources on front end is also noticed and your selection simply depends upon which one out of both these can meet your needs in best possible manner.

Facts about Linux Hosting:

  • Linux is an open source type version of Unix.
  • If you do not need windows specific applications then Linux will work better in terms of cost and reliability.
  • Websites that are designed on Linux server host can be easily transferred to windows servers but reverse is not possible always.
  • You will find rare Linux hosting systems that can extend quality support to .NET and ASP.
  • Linux hosting platform is available for free; you need not to spend your hard earned money for this.

Facts about Windows Hosting:

  • Windows OS is proprietary solution presented by Microsoft and some cost is associated with actual software license.
  • The price tags are not limited to OS rather specific applications designed for this platform are also chargeable.
  • Windows is designed to fulfil commercial needs of users and that is why one cannot move websites designed on windows hosting to linux hosting platform as compatibility issues may occur.

Who is the winner- Linux or Windows?

Actually there is no clear winner out of Linux and Windows hosting platforms because everything depends upon need and preferences of users. In case if you are more in need of .NET, SQL and ASP then definitely you must switch to Windows based web hosting otherwise Linux will be much cheaper and popular source for you. The proficiency level of both hosting environments is rated to be same but actual performance depends upon your technology selection. For example, in case if you wish to work with WordPress or want to set up any phpBB based online forum then Linux would be a great choice but those who need to proceed ahead with Microsoft specific technologies like MSSQL they are advised to work on Windows Hosting.