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Strategic Services

iPrecinct provides a full spectrum of political and business services with first-class innovative and creative solutions that empowers clients and engineers blueprints for success. We recognize that every client has a unique set of challenges and opportunities which is why we create personalized experiences and deliver on customer expectations.

Political Data Technology

iPrecinct is your premier data analytic module composed of cutting-edge technology. iPrecinct's platform transforms data into knowledge, strategy and effective engagement. Click on Features to learn more.

Strategic Consulting

From political to commercial, we assess the competitive landscape, design a comprehensive meticulous plan of action and enact a measured performance-driven approach. Commit to victory with iPrecinct.

Web Design & Architecture

Whether it be Wordpress, Nationbuilder, Shopify or Wix, you can trust our technicians to expertly and quickly get your website up & running. We'll maintain your site & generate content while optimizing your search engine positioning.

Social Media Management

Let iPrecinct manage your networks and profiles to facilitate optimal interactions, monitor & report your analytics, positvely expand your presence, secure interactive engagement and grow your supporters.

Political Data Software

Disruptive Technology - The Game Changer

Universal Data Upload

As long as your data can be output in CSV or Excel format, you have 100% compatibility with iPrecinct

Real Time Technology

Receive instant digital data analytics from your volunteers and staff. Watch your charts reconfigure in seconds as new data comes in.

Unique Customized Filtration System

Every database is unique to every client as our system configures itself around the data that you upload. Best part: no data leaks.

GeoLocation Volunteer Tracking

Track your volunteers progress as they go door to door. Know exaclty how many doors they have left, how many completed and what those responses are.

Advanced Data Analytics

Data analytic powerhouse with easy-to-read real time charts, modeling and feeds. Useful for assessing how your campaign is doing based on current data obtained.

Secure Cloud Storage

Advanced protection and security of your sensitive data in our own private cloud with 24/7 access.

GeoAnalytic Mapping

Integrated state-of-the-art geographic information systems technology.

Loading Speed

Fast processing and output of real time coordinated events and analysis.

Mobile App solutions

About our product

Our mobile application comes equipped with clever utilites for effective citizen engagement. iPrecinct's mobile app automatically configures itself in real-time around the user's movements. Our mobile app creates the shortest route to the next address on your walk list based upon your current position. As you move, it moves with you. Let your headquarters know when someone's already voted, submitted an Absentee Voter card or supporting your opposition in real time. Never miss a beat with our tiered logic system that prevents nonsensical results from being submitted.

Check out Our App to learn more.


  • Easy & Intuitive User Interface
  • GeoAnalytics Integration
  • Efficient Real-Time Route Generation
  • Fraud Alert Notification

Our Expert Services

  • Strategic Consulting
  • Web Design & Architecture
  • Social Media
Client Consultations

Consulting Services

iPrecinct is home to disciplined thinkers and facilitators dedicated to achieving our clients’ goals. Our strategists will build connections, streamline your operations, spread your message, focus on reputation management & image rehabilitation, key in on issue development, generate & implement an optimal targeting plan, and develop effective outreach efforts. From political to commercial, we provide quality management guidance and advisement.

Web Development & Maintenance

iPrecinct engineers dynamic, functional and captivating websites that coincide with an insightful digital strategy. We understand that your site is the logical extension of your image, cause & organization and has a direct correlation to the level of your success. For this reason, we suggest and enact strategies imperative to maximizing your online investment.

iPrecinct skillfully crafts optimized content, connects you to your audience, monitors your analytics, manages your site and generates beautiful interfaces to attract your audience and build a loyal group of supporters. We add value to your organization, boost your visibility and effectively outline your tenants with our speedy development and implementation.

Our skills:

Social Media Management & Engagement
Search Engine Optimization & Content Creation
3rd Party Platform Implementation
Ground-Up Custom Development

Social Media Management

iPrecinct has implemented a number of creative and successful campaigns. By our effective utilization of social media tools, we can drive traffic, increase page views and turn visitors into supporters. We know how to motivate your followers and equip your supporters with the resources, tools, images, content, etc. to get out there and promote you.

iPrecinct’s professional communicators coordinate your social networks and profiles while continuously monitoring and measuring your customized outreach strategy. We focus on developing an authentic online advocacy with substantial influence to promote audience engagement and turn interest into commitment and action.

Client Consultations

What customers say about us?

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Nare T.

Ground Game Essentials Saves time and money. User friendly for people like me who are not very tech friendly

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Scott S.

You rock!

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Liam T.

Glad you work. We spent thousands on paper and it was a headache. Thank you!

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Daniel C.

Excellent website design and prices. Always there when needed. Great company!

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Cathy G.

Great staff at iPrecinct for having designed a new modern website. Very pleased with results.

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James H.

Essential I've worked several campaigns, and wish I had this app. It will help you to get more votes.

Customer Support

Service is an integral part of our client’s experience. Knowledge, attentiveness, reliability, effective listening and understanding are the cornerstones of our firm.

We take the extra step, encourage feedback and try to anticipate our client’s needs. Even when we need to be straightforward, we will always do so in as courteous a manner possible.

We strive to be helpful and take the time to explain how our systems work.

Our dedicated team will be there for you!

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